Sunday, 11 November 2007

Let's start :)

Hello Everybody,
welcome on my blog DIY4FUN. After long time thinking about making my own web site, I decided to create blog site, because I don't want waste my time fighting with HTML, CCS, ... even if I have some experience with this. On this blog I would like to share with you my experience with building electronic devices and my new ideas, advice, opinions about electronics.

For those who don't know what means DIY, it means Do It Yourself. Even If we can buy almost everything, there is still good reason why build small electronic devices yourself. You can learn new thinks, obtain new experience, save some money and the most important think you can taste great feeling when your devices is working.

Let me shortly introduce myself. I'm now 27 years old. I live in Prague in Czech Republic. I graduate Czech Technical University and I was focused on measurement, technical diagnostic and aircraft electronics. I'm working as a product engineer in ST Microelectronics. Company which produce semiconductor parts. Even if electronics is my job, I like it and electronics is also my hobby.

I'm looking forward for your comments.
You can contact me trough email

Best regards
Miroslav (Mirek) Batek

PS: English is not my mother tongue. I would like to apologize for mistake which I will make. I will be glad if you will correct me, because I can improve my English.

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Martin Maly said...

So - have fun and break a leg! ;) I'm adding this blog to my RSS reader.