Saturday, 13 February 2010

Rotary encoder for ATS - Assembly

This article describe assembly of the "Rotary encoder for ATS" kit. It is step by step instructions manual, you can find here the photos of the board with description for each particular step.

First of all, put the schematic in front of you and than check and prepare all components. You will need soldering iron with small tip, solder, tweezer, cutter. It is good to have some experience with soldering SMD parts. I recommend following procedure for soldering SMD components: 1. Place small amount of solder on one pad at the PCB. 2. Take a parts into the tweezer and put it in the right position. 3. Head the solder and push the parts little bit. (Arrange the position if necessary) 4. Solder other pads of the parts and then correct the soldering on the first pad. The solder joints should be smooth and shiny.

1. Check visually the PCB.

2. You can clean the PCB with isopropyl or spirit.

3. Solder the four 10k ohms resistors R1, R4, R5, R6. On the resistors is written 1002.

4. Solder the ceramic capacitor C1. The value is 100nF. The tape with capacitors is labeled.

5. Solder the two 680 ohms resistors R2, R3. On the resistors is written 6800.

6. Solder the 470 ohms resistor R7. On the resistors is written 4700 or 471.

7. Solder three transistors T1, T2, T3.

8. Solder voltage regulator U2. The type is 78L05.

9. Turn the PCB and solder the 100nF ceramics capacitors C5 and C7.

10. Solder the ceramic capacitors C2, C3, C4. The value is 1nF. The tape with capacitors is labeled.

11. Solder the microcontroller U1 Attiny 2313. After that check the solder joints for possible solder bridge between legs. The microcontroller is already programmed.

12. Solder electrolytic capacitor C8. The value is 47uF. Take care of the polarity labeled on the PCB and capacitor.

13. Solder electrolytic capacitor C6. The value is 100uF. Take care of the polarity labeled on the PCB and capacitor.

14. Solder the red square LED3. Take care of the polarity. The anode (longer leg) must be on the left side (see picture). Make the length of the legs according to your enclosure. The LED could be also moved to another place with help of wires.

15. Solder the green triangle LED2. The position is given by the direction.

16. Solder the green triangle LED1. The position is given by the direction.

17. Solder the encoder.

18. Bend little bit the mounting legs of the encoder and the solder them.

19. Solder the 5pins single line header for connection to the ATS.

20. Optional, not necessary! Solder 3pins dual lines header for ISP programmer.

21. Install the knob. When you remove cover there is a nut which help to hold the knob on the encoder.

22. Place the cover back on the knob and that's it.

Congratulation! You are done. The rotary encoder should work at the first time. Make the connection with your ATS according to the operational manual. Double check the proper place of connected wires and then test it. Be careful of the polarity when you connect the rotary encoder to the ATS.

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